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Sweet Potato Bean Chili Recipe

This Sweet Potato Bean Chili recipe is out of this world tasty. In addition to sweet potatoes, this chili has a multitude of beans, sweet bell peppers, curry, and color!  It’s flavors will wow your senses.

Bowl of Sweet Potato Bean Chili

This chili also features a unique ingredient: peanut butter. In fact, maybe we should rename this dish Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Bean Chili. It is inspired by authentic African soups like this delightful one from Nanaaba’s Kitchen. If you like creative recipes and love surprising your dinner guests, make this!

Peanut butter and sweet potato actually co-star in this sweet potato bean chili recipe. The rich peanut butter with its sweetness, pairs perfectly with the starchy potatoes and beans. As a result, the ingredients combine and flavors meld to deliver a creaminess that is addictive and so comforting to consume.

Sweet Potatoes

As always, you can always adjust the spiciness by changing up certain ingredients. In this case, it’s the jalapenos and curry paste bringing on the heat. Ask any of my closest cohorts and relatives what “the best soup ever” is. They will almost uniformly point to this one. While this sweet potato bean chili recipe not a state fair winner (yet =), it should be!

Peanut Butter Love

Given some of our other favorite recipes like peanut butter banana bread and  this sauce, you can see we are huge peanut butter lovers.

Bonus: This recipe is ridiculously easy. It’s a “one dish” dish.

One Dish Sweet Potato Bean Chili

To make it, you essentially chop and measure everything into a giant vat (12 quart pot or larger). Bring to a boil, add the canned beans and red bell peppers, then lower the heat to a simmer and let it stew. Twenty minutes later you have something divine. The sweet potatoes will literally melt in your mouth. Find out for yourself. Make this today!