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The Blue Ribbon Group–together with Blue Ribbon Foodies on social media–celebrates home baking, home cooking and the tradition of competing at the fair. Come along for the ride!  As lead runner for the Blue Ribbon Group, I developed and managed hundreds of state fair recipe contests and blue ribbon baking competitions for more than 14 years. During that time I worked with nearly every major fair in the country and dozens of food brands, from chocolate companies to flour brands. It’s here on this website that we feature our all-time favorite recipes – the best of the best – as well as tips and tricks about how to make them at home. Every recipe we post is something we’ve made at home so you can too.

For those home bakers and cooks who love competing at their local state fair, be sure to join our community. We annually do a series of giveaways and baking challenges you won’t want to miss.


Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Cookies Plated, Shown Close Up


Cyndi is the main coordinator, photographer, writer, and overall organizer for the Blue Ribbon Group and Blue Ribbon Foodies. As an orchestrator of sorts, she juggles PR duties, national baking contest gigs, social media content, and a number of other foodie duties. She is a cheerleader for anyone who has ever aspired to win a blue ribbon. Her love of chocolate, coconut, and her hometown of Minneapolis is infinite. Find her most-loved foods featured on the blog and on social at BlueRibbonFoodies.


Crystal is a passionate home baker, grocery buyer and meal maker. She is a blue ribbon mom and Cyndi’s niece. Recruited as a fellow Blue Ribbon Foodie in 2013, she’s since tested, baked and photographed dozens of state fair winning recipes. She makes the most marvelous macarons. She also shares her baking talents with the world through her Sugarplum bakery, based in Fargo, ND. Peruse what pies, cakes and cookies she loves at HelloSugarplum.

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