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Splenda Low-To-No-Sugar-Showdown

New Splenda “Low-To-No Sugar Showdown” Recipe Contest Celebrates Sugar-Free Blue Ribbon Baking at State Fairs

$350 in Cash Awards for Top Winners in Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, Arkansas; Bonus Prizes for Sugar-Free Bakers Nationally-

If you love cakes, cookies, pies, and other sweet treats but prefer them sugar-free or diabetes-friendly, check out the new Splenda “Low-To-No Sugar Showdown.” The state fair recipe contest series takes place this summer and fall at 5 prominent fairs.

  • Ohio State Fair  Runs 7/27/22 – 8/7/22   Judging 7/24/22 in Rhodes Center Building
  • Wisconsin State Fair   Runs 8/4/22 – 8/14/22   Judging 8/7/22 in Grand Champion Hall
  • Minnesota State Fair  Runs 8/25/22 – 9/5/22   Judging 8/20/22 in Creative Activities Building
  • State Fair of Texas  Runs 9/30/22 – 10/23/22   Judging 10/5/22 in Creative Arts Building
  • Arkansas State Fair  Runs 10/14/22 – 10/23/22   Judging 10/19/22 in Arts & Craft Center

Note: Most fairs require advance registration, which bakers do directly with each fair’s competition office. If you can’t compete at any of these fairs, you can still participate. See below.

The Low-Down on the “Low-To-No Sugar Showdown” (Product Giveaway!)

  • At each event, home-baking fairgoers receive a free 16 ounce bag of Splenda’s new plant-based, zero-calorie sweetener, Magic Baker (one per person, while supplies last).
  • All winning entries will feature Splenda Magic Baker or some other Splenda product.
  • Cookies, cakes, and diabetes-friendly desserts are among the varied themes at each showdown.
  • $350 in cash awards are up for grabs at each of the fairs.
  • 3 winners will receive cash prizes at each fair: 1st Place is $200, 2nd is $100, 3rd is $50.
  • Judges choose winners for being unique and creative, with great taste, flavor and aroma, as well as presentation and texture.
  • Look for a winning recipe collection on Blue Ribbon Group website and Blue Ribbon Foodies social media channels.

For contest details and complete competition guidelines, contact the fair’s entry office or the Blue Ribbon Group (here).

Bonus Prizes for Sugar-Free Baking Nationally

If you compete with a sugar-free/no added sugar recipe at ANY state fair (one of the above or other) and use Splenda, we invite you to share it with us for a chance to win a $25 gift card. To qualify, post before October 23, 2022 on social media — Facebook or Instagram, using #splenda, #lowtonosugar, #blueribbonfoodies, #blueribbonbaking, #statefair among your hashtags – and submit your sugar-free blue-ribbon-worthy baked good here. We will choose winning recipes (1 for each of 5 U.S. regions, if applicable) and feature them on our website and Blue Ribbon Foodies social media channels. Each baker with a winning recipe receives a $25 gift card.

Peanut Butter S’more No Bake Cookies

These Peanut Butter S’more No Bake Cookies are a delight to eat and require just 6 ingredients. Plus, they take only a moment to make.

A 12-year-old kid created this recipe, which might be one of the reasons they’re so easy to make. In fact, this is all that goes into them: a peanut butter/corn syrup/sugar mixture, Golden Grahams cereal, white chocolate chips and marshmallows…so 6 ingredients, plus sprinkles.

Ingredients for Peanut Butter S'More No Bake Cookies

Ready in 5 Minutes

Time is on your side with whipping up these blue ribbon winning cookies. You simply melt and mix the peanut butter, corn syrup and sugar together, then stir in the cereal, marshmallows and white chocolate chips. The last of 3 easy steps: drop them onto wax paper. That brings me to my only tip with this recipe. Have your wax paper lined tray(s) ready so you can do all steps at once and quickly. I made 20 larger sized cookies, but you could easily do these in smaller or bite-size portions and get 30-40 cookies out of them.

You are going to love the texture of these Peanut Butter S’more No Bake Cookies. You get a chewy crunch with every bite. That’s what I like most about these perhaps. That and the “peanut buttery-ness” (which I don’t think is a word, but if the shoe fits.) So yeah, I confess. I couldn’t stop pulling off bits and popping it in my mouth before these had even cooled off at all. Enjoy my fellow peanut butter lovers!

Peanut Butter S’more No Bake Cookies on Tray

Recipe credit goes to Daniel Williams who won at the 2013 Arkansas State Fair, a sweet treat contest the makers of Karo corn syrup supported. One bite and you’ll know why it’s a winner.