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Tropical Coconut Cake Recipe

This Tropical Coconut Cake recipe makes a tender, rich cake you are going to absolutely love. Coconut cream goes into both the cake batter and the frosting. This enhances the texture as well as the flavor.

Slice of Tropical Coconut Cake, Minnesota State Fair Winner

Katie Knott won the King Arthur Great Cake Contest at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair with this recipe. She won first place and big-time bragging rights. Her cake was picked from dozens of competing cakes.

We think you will swoon over this cake’s scrumptiousness. Pro-tip here: a good coconut extract adds to the aroma and  flavor, which contest judges closely evaluate. Crushed pineapple in the batter gives the cake a tropical theme and adds extra moisture too.

As always, we test the recipes before sharing them with you all. Our test runs turned out terrific! We love the look and taste of toasted coconut. It gives the cake a mouth-watering look, especially for coconut lovers, which we absolutely are.

This is such a tasty cake. One mouthful and you’ll know why it’s a blue ribbon winning recipe.

Make this Tropical Coconut Cake recipe soon, and then stay tuned! We’ll be sharing the winning coconut cake from the 2021 Blue Ribbon Baking Contest at the Minnesota State Fair soon.



Prize-Winning Chocolate Chiffon Cake

This prize-winning Chocolate Chiffon Cake is for chocolate lovers and anyone who wants to bake like a blue ribbon winner. It’s tender texture comes from using cake flour and oil, as well as whipped egg whites. You fold the egg whites into the cake batter as a final step before baking.

Recipe credit goes to Gwendolyn Swenson, who won her blue ribbon bragging rights with it at the Minnesota State Fair (2014). She won the “Grand Cake of the of Fair” top honor, as in, Best Overall Cake out of all the dozens entered. (Hint: the other Grand Cake we’ve shared with you is this citrus pound cake.)

In celebration of the Minnesota State Fair opening this week, the timing is perfect for making this prize-winning chocolate chiffon cake. The 2021 Great Minnesota Get-Together runs August 26-Sepember 6.


Note: This is an edited re-post from our sister website, StateFairRecipes.com