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Spice Cupcakes

These Spice Cupcakes are easy and delicious sweet treats. They are also a blue ribbon winning recipe! Ground cloves and cinnamon flavor the cake. Classic white and brown sugar give the cupcakes their sweetness. Baking soda and baking powder supply the lift and help provide the perfect texture. Eggs, shortening, and buttermilk also add to that moist, rich texture you will love.

Originally made as a layer cake, this recipe won 1st place at the Ohio State Fair back in 2011.

Spice Cake 1st Place Great Cake Contest

Winner Winner!

Peggy Smith of Delaware, Ohio, was the talented blue ribbon baker. She won the Great Cake Contest, which King Arthur Flour sponsored. Peggy’s family loves this cake recipe. She said she used and tweaked it for several years before competing with it. Often we see winners teaching their children to bake but Peggy confessed her daughter deserves the credit, for getting her into baking. Her top tip for cake baking is “sift the flour!” Hats off to Peggy and her award winning cake!

Spice Cupcakes Ohio State Fair Winner Peggy

These Spice Cupcakes are a perfect dessert for fall. I baked them for a friend’s birthday and they were a huge hit. Be sure to bake these soon! For more pumpkin recipes, check out this epic monkey bread recipe!