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Thai Cabbage Slaw

This colorful Thai Cabbage Slaw is a winner in my book. The fresh veggies and the almond slices give the salad a scrumptious crunch. You will also love the bursts of citrus sweetness from the orange slices.

Thai Cabbage Slaw


It’s perfect for make-ahead meals. The salad seriously gets more delicious by the day as the vegetables marinade and the flavors meld. The recipe makes a giant batch, so feel free to cut in 1/2 or 1/4 the size.

This Thai cabbage slaw is perfect for people who dislike creamy coleslaws. Instead of mayonnaise, you use a combo of rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, chili garlic sauce, and honey. The flavor is zippy and totally addictive. You can set the heat level by adjusting the amount of Thai chili peppers and red pepper flakes, to fit your taste.

Colorful Thai Salad

I usually make the full batch because it’s so yum and is a time saver for meal planning. I make the full version for a dinner party or potluck picnic, then have portions leftover. I never tire of it. It works well as a side dish to an array of main dishes, from tofu steaks to noodle dishes. Your pulled pork sandwich will go from good to grand with this slaw. Also, I especially love it as a topping on this fun pizza.

Change of Colors

I most often make this Thai Cabbage Slaw with purple cabbage as I love the rainbow look of the salad, but the green cabbage version is also colorful.

Colorful Thai Cabbage Slaw with Mandarin Oranges


You can see from the pics that I sometimes cut the carrots matchsticks (julienned). Other times I ribbon the carrots with a vegetable peeler. It gives the salad different look. Another change up I do often is to substitute Asian garlic chives for the spring onions to give the salad an additional punch of flavor.

I make and eat this salad a lot in the summer months, but truthfully, it tastes wonderful any time of year. Give it a try!