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Pumpkin Pull-Apart Monkey Bread

This delicious Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread is “monkey bread” at its finest. The concept:  plump and delicious dough, cut into pieces, rolled in sugar, cinnamon and butter, and baked all together in layers of gooey goodness. You pull it off in pieces and enjoy. Thus the “pull-apart” in its title. This bread is SO decadent and SO delightful.

If you’ve got a passion for pumpkin, indulge in this amazing dessert. You are going to want to make it again and again.

This Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread creation is a Blue Ribbon Group original recipe. We used several blue ribbon winning recipes as inspiration. Crystal, my niece and fellow Blue Ribbon Foodie tested and tweaked the recipe, and added a pumpkin pie spiced icing, a nice touch, especially for fall baking season. I can’t wait to take my turn with it and use a favorite pumpkin pie spice.

We also love this mini recipe, with different flavors. The portions are perfect. If you are not good at sharing, that recipe is for you,

Bake it great!


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