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Homemade German-Style Pretzels

These Homemade German-Style Pretzels are chewy, slightly crunchy, and so totally tasty.

Closeup of Homemade German-Style Pretzels

They make a great Oktoberfest appetizer, or an “any time of year” party snack. What’s more, they’re simple and fun to make.

Pretzel Ingredients

You likely have all the main ingredients already in your cupboard:

  • active dry yeast
  • all-purpose flour
  • salt (table/plain and coarse)
  • sugar
  • butter
  • baking soda

These homemade German-style pretzels require some easy steps and wait times. That’s about it. Start to finish, they won’t take much longer than a couple hours, and most of that time is letting the dough ingredients sit…

Well of ingredients

…and chilling the prepped pretzels.

Baking Tips

  • Allow enough time: the dough prep has a few “rest” times: before you mix in the dough, after you mix it, plus an hour chill time before baking.
  • You roll out 12 equal portions into ropes 20 inches long. Try to get them a consistent size end-to-end.
  • The soda bath is key to their great flavor and beautiful golden brown color.
  • Give your boiling pot of water the space it needs when you add the baking soda. It will look like a grade-school science project for a few seconds.
  • The bake time is short and sweet, just 15 minutes.
  • For a mustard sauce, I simply combined equal parts Koops stone ground mustard and mayonnaise.

While this recipe isn’t a blue ribbon winning recipe, that I know of, it certainly could be! The recipe is based on this one from Amanda’s Cooking. My friend Nancy requested authentic German pretzels for an Oktoberfest party she was hosting and sent me the link to Amanda’s version. It worked out so perfectly the very first time. Her tips and insights were so helpful. I re-worked Amanda’s recipe into my own words and to match our format. This recipe is one I will make again and again. We hope you make and enjoy it soon too!



Circus Crunch Cookies

This Circus Crunch Cookies recipe makes for a perfect sweet treat you can prepare in 15 minutes. Within an hour, you’ll have several dozen blue ribbon winning cookies on your hands. It makes a huge portion: about 50 cookies, so you’ll have plenty to freeze for later. In fact, I packaged and froze 6 each (in raw dough form) in several freezer bags and had fresh baked cookies at my fingertips for several weeks. You’ll want to keep this cookie recipe in heavy rotation.

Blue Ribbon Winning Cookies Plated

Circus Crunch Cookies recipe credit goes to John Joseph Yanek who won with them at the 2014 Great Allentown Fair, 1st place in the Gold Medal Flour cookie contest we managed for several years. We’re guessing you’re going to go crazy for this cookie like we did.

Bake it great!