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Triple Berry Apple Streusel Pie

This blue ribbon winning Triple Berry Apple Streusel Pie has both frozen and fresh berries in it—a mixture of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries—plus a Granny Smith apple. Between that fruit combination, a gorgeous lattice top crust, and a streusel topping featuring oats and almonds, this pie is a total show stopper. As in best ever pie. As in, mic drop. Boom!

Best Pie, Indiana State Fair, Triple Berry Apple Streusel Pie Seriously, we think you’ll go crazy for this Triple Berry Apple Streusel Pie. And funny thing is, this blue ribbon pie was originally titled: Berry Crazy Pie with Nutty Crunch Topping. And an even cooler thing about this pie, a 24-year old created it. Recipe credit goes to Tyler Stump who won first place with it at the Indiana State Fair (2016).

Sliced Triple Berry Apple Streusel Pie

If you loves pies, really great fruit pies, you simply have to make this Tripe Berry Apple Streusel Pie. Follow our step-by-step recipe and bake like a blue ribbon winner! And pie lover, if you’re looking for another best-ever pie recipe, try this Mixed Fruit Pie.

-Cyndi & Crystal


Holiday Shortbread Cookies

These Holiday Shortbread Cookies have just five base ingredients: butter, vanilla, powdered sugar, flour, and salt. Put these cookies in your “best recipe” category. If shortbread isn’t in your best ever cookie category, it should be. I first came across this much-loved recipe as lemon lavender cookies when Jennifer Dickie won “best cookie” at the 2014 Indiana State Fair. Gold Medal Flour supported the contest. For a base recipe, left out the lemon zest and lavender, and added vanilla. You can find that lemon lavender cookie recipe at our sister site StateFairRecipes.com. After tweaking the amount of flour and upping the butter (because, why not) we got the exact texture we wanted. Butter gives this cookie its melt-in your-mouth texture. You’re going to love them!

Red Shortbread Cookies in a Bowl

Holiday Shortbread Cookies-Make Your Colors Pop

Added 12/29/2020: I’ve been asked about the color intensity of these cookies. I used-and loved-Amoretti’s Natural Red Food Color. As a result, the shortbread takes on a deep rich color that really pops. Another benefit: you need far less that most other food colorings to achieve an intense color.

If you’re a big fan of colorful cookies, be sure to also try these raspberry sweet treats.




Banana Bread

Banana bread was one of the first things I baked as a kid. Just thinking about a thick slice smeared with peanut butter gets me drooling every time. My mother always let me be the one to mash the bananas and I did so, by hand, with fervor and might. I still love that preparation step. And I especially love how the kitchen smells with a loaves in the oven.

Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of variations on classic banana bread. My go-to for many years was a recipe using applesauce instead of butter. I also loved the indulgent version that added chocolate chips. Bread for dessert; bring it on!  And how about coconut? That is a favorite of mine. While others like walnuts or some other texture contrast, I most often prefer adding in coconut or doing any simple version, as long as its sensationally moist and banana-y bread.

So when this “Best of Show” quick bread recipe came in from the Indiana State Fair, I was all about trying it!  You’ll love the texture and taste you get by using Greek yogurt.  Use either vanilla or a banana flavor. The pudding mix is a wonderful enhancement as well.

Blue Ribbon Banana Bread – Best in Show

This blue ribbon winning banana bread recipe comes from Teresa Grissom. She won at the Indiana State Fair, Best of Show in the Quick Bread category (2016). Best of Show – for those not in the know – is when a person wins out of all the entries in its category. It means Teresa mastered the techniques needed to make her entry stand out from all the other banana breads. And her ingredient combination nailed it for best taste and texture. So… the bottom line is… this recipe is an award winner…and ready to be baked by you. So hit the kitchen and go bananas.