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Homemade Pizza Dough

This Homemade Pizza Dough is a classic, reliable recipe. You can use it for 2 or more pizza crusts, depending on the size and thickness you want. I most often end up baking them on pizza stones, or pressing them into baking dishes with a drizzle of olive oil underneath and on top. That method makes for a good deep crust pizza.

With this homemade pizza dough, I’ve also frozen both the dough and a baked crust. As a result, I had the makings for homemade pizza on hand whenever needed. The “baked after frozen” versions won’t taste the same as fresh made, but the option is a huge time saver.

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

While we are on the topic of pizza, one of our all-time favorite pizzas is the historic Margherita Pizza. You simply can’t go wrong with fresh mozzarella, a flavorful red sauce, and fresh basil. Below is one of my homemade variations. This is a thin flatbread crust spread with pesto, my all-time favorite pizza sauce. I make pesto by the jar to always have that on hand too. When you use fresh mozzarella and your tomatoes are perfectly ripe, this simple, classic pizza is phenomenal.

Margherita Pizza

This Thai Pizza is a go-to for us as well. It has a peanut sauce and cabbage slaw. Give our homemade pizza dough a try and add your favorite toppings. It will be a winning dinner any night of the week.