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Chocolate Orange Coffee Crinkles

These Chocolate Orange Coffee Crinkles have both cocoa powder and dark baking chocolate in them. Their fudge-like flavor will satisfy all those choco-holics out there. Chocolate crinkle cookies are classic, but this recipe reinvents them into something unforgettable. With the surprise additions of orange juice, orange zest, and instant espresso powder, this cookie turns into a multi-dimensional, complex, and completely scrumptious sweet treat. They are an utter delight to eat.

Holiday Chocolate Crinkles

Since you roll the balls of dough in powdered and granulated sugar, they “crack” open as they bake to show off the chocolate inside. This crinkle effect also gives them a distinctly festive and fun appearance. You are going to want to bake these winning cookies again and again, for the holidays or ANY time of year. They pair great with coffee, so wow your friends next time you invite them over for a cup of java.

Betty Crocker and blue ribbon recipes from our archives were the inspiration for these Chocolate Orange Coffee Crinkles. We started with Betty’s Chocolate Crinkle recipe,  added butter, upped the chocolate ingredients, changed from white to brown sugar, and made a few other modifications. We also looked closely at some orange chai crinkles that won at 2013 Washington State Fair. Since we’re huge citrus fans, we decided to showcase the orange flavor with the zest of an orange, plus its fresh-squeezed juice. Wow! After some test runs and tweaks, this has become a huge favorite. You can easily change up the flavors by changing the extracts. A raspberry version was popular around here also. We simply left out the orange elements, and used a raspberry extract and extra vanilla.

Chocolate Orange Coffee Crinkles, stacked

Top tip with these chocolate orange coffee crinkles: Be careful not to over bake. They should be moist and fudgy. No one likes a dry cookie that’s supposed to be rich and tender. Also, for an intense chocolate flavor, be sure to use a 70% cacao dark baking chocolate. We used Ghirardelli and loved the chocolatey taste it gave the cookie.

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