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Quick Cheesy Herb Crackers

Quick Cheesy Herb Crackers: these 5-ingredient, savory rich crackers are all that…and easy to make! A blue ribbon winner from the Illinois State Fair, they are tender, buttery, and did I mention rich? They tasted so good I admit to daydreaming about them between samples. They originate from Carlene, an avid state fair contester and blue ribbon baker who won 1st place in a 2013 Bisquick best recipe contest that we organized.

When Carlene won, she served her quick cheesy herb crackers with a homemade tomato bruschetta to spoon on top. When we made them, I was reminded how great anything home-made can taste. Using fresh herbs in them packed in the flavor. They go great as a savory snack alongside a big plate of mixed greens or other fresh salad.