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Blueberry Pie

No matter how you slice it, this blueberry pie is delicious! And it’s a gorgeous one as well.

You use fresh blueberries in the filling. Sugar, a pinch of salt, and a few tablespoons of fresh lime juice gives it a perfect balance of flavors and perfect level of sweetness. You thicken the filling with cornstarch.

Blueberry Pie North Carolina State Fair Winner 2

Derrick Lingle won 1st place with it at the North Carolina State Fair.  The win was an impressive feat, with this fair being one of the largest in the country. (Find our top 30 list here.)

Blue Ribbon Blueberry Pie

The winner’s easy-to-follow crust directions help ensure a lovely lattice crust. Find the recipe below for step by step tips. Derek likes to make his top and bottom crust separately. The top crust is thicker for easy handling. The bit of extra effort pays off with how impressive it looks when you’re done.

Blueberry Pie North Carolina State Fair Winner 3

When you’re craving an amazing fruit pie, this is a go-to recipe for sure. July and August is blueberry picking time in Minnesota, but fortunately, you can find great tasting blueberries in stores year-round. One taste of this and you’ll know why it won. Bake it today.

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