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Best Banana Bread Recipe

There’s a reason this Best Banana Bread Recipe is an award winner. It makes the best homemade banana bread ever!

Best Banana Bread Recipe - Sliced

Everyone I know loves a thick slice of this classic quick bread, as in quick to make, no yeast needed.

This recipe makes a tender, flavorful, and aromatic bread. I love mine, slightly warm, with a smear of peanut butter.

Recipe credit goes to Marge Knight who placed second at the Erie County Fair by Buffalo, New York (Aug 11-22, 2021). Marge ‘s recipe was from a Clabber Girl Baking Contest we ran in 2001.  Yes, we went deep into our archives for this one! It’s such a classic!

Homemade Banana Bread - Cut

Classic Bread, Staple Ingredients

The key to success and baking the best banana bread is simple. It’s ripe bananas. Maybe even a bit over-ripe. I like to use ones where the skin has turned brown in spots and the banana scent is strongest. Here’s what you need in total for this recipe. No surprises.

  • bananas (of course =)
  • sugar
  • butter
  • eggs
  • water
  • flour
  • baking soda
  • baking powder
  • salt

Make sure your baking soda and powder are fresh enough to do the heavy lifting in this recipe.

Banana Bread Loaves-Glass & Metal Pans

Metal or Glass?

The above shot shows two loaves I recently baked: one in a metal pan, the other in glass. I like the look of the bread baked in a rectangle pan. The squared off edges make for a nice appearance, however, I prefer the glass pan for how evenly the bread bakes. Look at how evenly and perfect it bakes all the way through.

Best Banana Bread - Slice - Close-up

This best banana bread recipe is one you can go to time and time again. It’s also a good launching point for adding mix-ins. Chocolate chips are always a big hit. Coconut might be my favorite addition. I know some people are coconut averse, but it’s a go-to ingredient for me.

Nuts can get a mixed response with my family, but they do give a nice texture contrast. And a lot of people like them: walnuts, pecans etc.  I also like blueberries added to banana bread for pops of sweetness. We’ll also share a blue ribbon winning recipe for that version coming up, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, hit the kitchen and bake this best banana bread recipe. We also featured this banana bread with Greek yoghurt in it and banana pudding mix. You’ll love that one too. Both are so moist and yummy. Homemade, baked-from-scratch banana bread is the best! Enjoy!