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Coconut Cream Cookie Cups

You will be completely delighted with these easy and delicious Coconut Cream Cookie Cups. They have just three ingredients in the cookie dough (flour, sugar and butter) and four more in the filling, plus garnishes. We made them with a variety of toppings, including coconut, walnuts and macadamias. We tried a couple different sizes. The minis were adorable.

Mini Coconut Cream Cookie Cups

From our very first trial run, we simply loved the “just slightly sweet” cookie cup contrasted with the rich, creamy and sweet filling. With the first bite, you will be wowed.

You make the cups a bit thick, so they’re sturdy enough to hold a good size portion of the filling.

Cream cheese, whipped topping, powdered sugar, and coconut extract make up the filling.

Toasted coconut tops off the cookie and makes these coconut cream cookie cups a show stopper!

1 solo Coconut Cream Cookie Cup

Award-Winning Cookie!

Deb Gruber at the Great Allentown Fair won with these cookie cups back in 2013. If you follow this recipe, you will have a winning sweet treat on your hands too! And in your belly. They are 100% a crowd pleaser!

Deb originally titled her entry “Hawaiian Delights.” Coconut alone can give any recipe a tropical flair. If that’s a theme you love, be sure to try THIS epic pie sometime. Happy baking to you!