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Bourbon Molasses Sandwich Cookies

Bourbon Molasses Sandwich Cookies: these blue-ribbon-winning cookies are made with Bulliet brand bourbon, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and molasses. The bourbon meringue buttercream filling morphs them into a creamy, dreamy dessert.  They are perfect for National Bourbon Day, which is June 14th. However, you need no excuse to make these.

Recipe credit goes to Gigi D’Amore of Burbank. She won 1st place at the L.A. County Fair with them. (Gold Medal Flour, best cookie contest, 2016)

Stacked Bourbon Molasses Sandwich Cookies

Cookie Texture Transformation

Two other great things about these Bourbon Molasses Sandwich Cookies: one, the ease of the recipe, and two, how they transform in texture after they sit for a few hours. They become even more tender, even more creamy and dreamy. They literally melt in your mouth. The meringue in the middle permeates the cookie itself and brings the bourbon flavor forward. And by “ease of the recipe” I mean that it’s straightforward. Yes, there are a lot of ingredients but that packs in the flavor.

Bourbon Meringue Buttercream Tips

A heads up: the meringue filling whips and fluffs up beautifully. When you add the bourbon, don’t be alarmed when it softens. Whip the filling more, then chill it before assembling. If you refrigerate the assembled cookies, the filling further thickens. As your own tasting experiment, you might want to test one right after they’re made, then another the next day. Taste the transformation for yourself.

To sum things up, we really love these award-winning Bourbon Molasses Sandwich Cookies. Highly recommended!

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Winning Ginger Sugar Cookies

These winning ginger sugar cookies are packed with flavor provided by ground cloves, cinnamon, molasses, butter, and of course ginger.  That combination of ingredients makes this cookie extra special and extra tasty.

Crispy & Chewy

Our test run of these winning ginger sugar cookies produced a delightful sweet treat that was both a little crispy on the outside and wonderfully chewy on the inside: a winning combination. And an added bonus? They are super easy to make. As the final step before baking, you roll them in sanding sugar for a sparkling finish.

State Fair of Texas Winner

Recipe credit goes to Karen Woo who won at the wonderful State Fair of Texas with them. Karen placed third, which is a big achievement given how popular baking contests are at this fair. If you love ginger, you will love this contest-winning cookie!

Got a Thing for Ginger?

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