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Citrus Ginger Swirl Cookies

If you want a super creative, one of a kind ginger cookie, this recipe for Citrus Ginger Swirl Cookies is for you! Orange zest, lemon zest, molasses, and fresh grated ginger are just a few of its key ingredients. You also get a hints of cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and nutmeg. A pinch of cayenne rounds out the list of spices used.

Citrus Ginger Swirl Cookies are from our Minnesota State Fair winning cookie archives. Recipe credit goes to Patrice Johnson who created this recipe for a creative cookie contest we organized for Gold Medal Flour. She won 1st place with it in 2015.

Citrus Ginger Swirl Cookies Close Up

Patrice originally named the cookie “pinchies” after her ginger colored cat. These creative sweet treats are impressive in more ways than one. Their design is wonderfully whimsical. Fresh ginger and an inventive mix of ingredients give them a complex yet perfectly balanced flavor. Nice work Patrice!

Besides being a culinary delight, they also have creative artsy look to them which we love.

Citrus Ginger Swirl Cookies aka Pinchies

Bake like a blue ribbon winner and give them a try.



p.s. If you’re a big citrus fan like I am, be sure to try these simple orange cookies. They’re flavor really pops also.