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Blue Ribbon Blueberry Bread

This Blue Ribbon Blueberry Bread has a delightful streusel topping and in its batter: poppyseeds and lemon zest. The flavors are perfectly balanced, making every bite taste fantastic. It’s a tender, yet firm bread that bakes beautifully through the entire loaf (with no part under or over baked).

Blue Ribbon Blueberry Bread

Sheila Mullen won best quick bread at the 2021 Minnesota State Fair with this recipe. She won out of 49 entries. Wow!

Sheila Mullen

Sheila says: This is a family and friends favorite.  The original recipe came from a bed and breakfast our family stayed at in Iowa after my sister’s wedding.  It’s so popular that I freeze blueberries in the summer specially so I can bake up a fresh loaf all year long.  I’ve made a few changes to the recipe to make it easier to mix up.

Key Ingredients/Tools/Tips

Sheila uses a Danish whisk with this recipe.

Blue Ribbon Blueberry Bread

She thinks one of her secrets to winning was choosing small, equally sized blueberries and not overmixing the batter. The Danish whisk helps with this.

Blueberries for Blue Ribbon Blueberry Bread

The streusel is key, adding a richness with just a few ingredients.


You can make the batter in a variety of pans. Sheila favors 4 mini loaves.

For the fair though, she uses pan 7-inches x 3 1/2-inches in size. The bread bakes perfectly, making for perfect slices to enjoy.

Sliced Blue Ribbon Blueberry Bread

Add this to your best recipe pile and bake it soon!

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