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Best Pie Crust Recipe

Best Pie Crust Recipe: this classic version is one of our go-to pie crust recipes for the best home-baked pies. It has just four ingredients:  flour, salt, unsalted butter, and ice water.

Speaking of home-baked pies, bake like a blue ribbon winner with these award winning pie recipes. They call for different crust ingredients, but are equally delicious. One is sweet, one more savory. Enjoy!



Raspberry Peach Pie

Raspberry Peach Pie: use this Minnesota State Fair winning recipe to hone your pie baking skills. It comes from Judy Olson who has literally made thousands of pies in her lifetime. She’s won an endless number of blue ribbons. In her recipe Judy shares some great tips for pie perfection! For instance, she suggests using ceramic tiles to help evenly bake your bottom crust.

Raspberry Peach Pie - side shot

It’s tough to nail that perfect crust but use good ingredients – like unbleached flour, quality butter, and ripened fruit – and you are well on your way to a delightful dessert.

Raspberry Peach Pie from above

This fantastic fruit pie won two big honors at the Minnesota State Fair. Judy Olson’s Raspberry Peach Pie won best overall pie out of the 112 total pies entered in 2015. The pie also won runner-up honors in a “best pie” baking competition requiring new, original recipes. Gold Medal Flour sponsored it and we managed.

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