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Almond Blueberry Coffee Cake (Sugar-Free)

This Almond Blueberry Coffee Cake (Sugar-Free) recipe is one of the easiest and most delicious quick breads I’ve ever made.

It features – you guessed it – almonds and blueberries. We used sliced almonds and loved the end result. There’s a light crunch when you dig in, creating a delightful texture contrast.

Almond Blueberry Coffee Cake (Sugar Free) Key Ingredients

Blueberries abound

The bread portion is tender and filled with blueberries, which hold up well and provide a pop of fruity sweetness in every bite. We used fresh blueberries, but frozen would work well too. The batter is thick and spreadable. Because of this, the blueberries suspend throughout the quick bread and don’t sink down to the bottom, as they do often in other quick bread recipes. Here’s a look at the batter before I added the topping.

Thick Quick Bread Batter

How is this recipe sugar-free?

Thanks to the Splenda granulated sugar, this recipe is sugar-free. It bakes fast and gets a beautiful golden brown color. That color comes from tossing sliced almonds in egg white.  With the Splenda granulated sweetener added, that combo gives the coffee cake that fantastic, aforementioned texture contrast.

This type of recipe is called a quick bread for a reason, as it’s quick to make. It took me barely an hour from start to finish.

Almond Blueberry Coffee Cake (Sugar Free)

This almond blueberry coffee cake (sugar-free) creation was inspired by this one, from Splenda. I substituted heavy cream for 2%, but either will work. With no sugar, this recipe is diabetes-friendly. It’s ideal for my mother, who has type 2 diabetes, which she controls with her diet. According to my calculations, each serving has about 20 carbs, which makes it a sweet-treat that’s relatively low in carbs, especially compared to ones with sugar.

Upcoming recipe contest

Watch for more sugar-free desserts in the coming months as we experiment more with zero calorie sweeteners. Plus we have a 5 state fair recipe contest in the works with Splenda, so stay-tuned for more details on that this summer.



Almond Blueberry Coffee Cake (Sugar Free) Close Up

Citrus Pound Cake

This Citrus Pound Cake brims with flavor thanks to orange zest, orange juice, and orange extract. Flour, eggs, sugar, and butter are its classic ingredients. They produce a texture that is both weighty and tender, two qualities every great pound cake should have. There’s something so rich, so decadent, so downright divine about a great pound cake, especially a perfectly baked one. Read on to learn just how special this cake is.

Best Cake Overall

This particular Citrus Pound Cake recipe, shared below, led to big blue ribbon bragging rights for baking enthusiast Candace Freeman of Minnesota. She wonGrand Cake of the Fair” with it at the Minnesota State Fair (2014). Grand Cake means it ranked best in its own category (pound cake), and best overall out of every type of cake entered. It’s a big deal for any home baker, especially at the Minnesota State Fair, where hundreds compete.

Candace credits the cookbook, “Scandinavian Classic Baking” by Pat Sinclair for the recipe (provided here with Pat’s permission). Candace notes the cookbook is a “must have.”

Baking Ideas, Tips

  • This recipe is the best. You can bake it in a variety of sizes and shapes; in differently-themed pans, a more classic tube style, or even an angel food cake pan. Just be sure not to overfill the pan you use. Plus, adjust the baking time as needed.
  • Grease the pan well. We followed Candy’s tip to not miss a single spot, and used butter. Get every corner and crevice to help your cake come out clean, and without any damage.
  • For the holidays we baked this in a seasonal bundt pan and finished it with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.
  • A glaze would also taste great, if that’s your preference.
  • Store leftovers in an airtight container.
  • If you love pound cake, try this divine dessert using a pound cake and custard as pie filling.

Citrus Mini Bundt Cakes

Orange Pound Cake

Bake this and it will become your go-to pound cake recipe as it has ours.