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Best Turkey Burgers

Want a recipe for the very Best Turkey Burgers? Look no further. This recipe is simple, yet incredibly tasty and delicious. Plus, you can add or swap ingredients to make a variety of flavors.
Terrific Turkey Burgers
These burgers have become one of my favorite go-to meals. I never tire of any of the flavors and find them a big crowd pleaser.

Best Turkey Burgers? What’s In them?

  • ground turkey:  I like to keep two or three packages in my freezer, for whenever the turkey burger craving hits. And it’s often!
  • red bell pepper:  for added color, moisture, and hit of sweetness
  • red onion:  for the taste and aromatic factor
  • quick oats:  a binder that’s another protein source
  • garlic:  an essential for extra flavor and zip
  • ground cumin:  adds a glamorous taste to it
  • Worcestershire sauce:  a classic ingredient
  • jalapeno:  another essential, for me, for heat
Ingredients for best turkey burgers
This is a big batch recipe for the best turkey burgers. Cut if you want smaller quantities, or better yet, make the entire batch and freeze portions for later use.
stack of uncooked turkey burgers
I like to insert parchment or wax paper between each burger for easier separating once their thawed. You could also freeze in larger portions and divide into the size you want when you’re ready to cook them.
They taste great on the grill. I use a wire mesh pan I have prepped with nonstick spray and place that right on the grill. I made them wide and flat since they perk and firm up as they cook. If I am frying in a pan, I flatten them a bit extra with a spatula before and as I cook them.
Favorite Toppings? Tomatoes and red onions!

Mix It Up!

For flavor variety, add some or all of these ingredients for Thai- inspired burgers. Just be sure to offset any liquid additions with more quick oats. My favorites? The first two on this list.
  • garlic chili paste
  • red curry paste
  • sesame oil
  • soy sauce
  • fish sauce
  • fresh lime juice
Red chili paste is the “secret ingredient” I’m told. I tend to agree.
For a different tack, you can opt for a classic version and go with these mix-ins.
  • grated carrot: a medium or large sized one works well
  • fresh thyme leaves, minced or dried
  • egg
This version will give you a firmer burger that’s more meatloaf like in texture and flavor.
The recipe below gives you ingredients for 3 types. For serving, all are tasty enough to eat solo. You could smother it in avocado for a high-protein, low carb type of meal. Or you could do the traditional bun, lettuce and tomato which is also really taste.
Any way you go, this will make a delicious meal. Enjoy!
p.s. And if you’re looking for another great ground turkey recipe, give this protein bowl a try and use ground turkey.